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Drained calorifier

I used my water pump to drain the water tank, pipes, shower and calorifier for the winter. If I run the engine to charge the batteries or for cruising is there any risk of damaging the calorifier. Engine cooling is by skin tanks. Thank you.

Asked by: Dave Fearns  | 8.29pm, Thursday 25 November

WW says:

Calorifiers are fine to run empty- you won't do any harm at all. Any excess pressure that builds up as the air expands will be dealt with my the pressure release valve.

Mark Langley  | 8.52PM, Thursday 25 November

Readers say:

I fully agree with the WW advice, however if you have an immersion heater fitted, switching this on with the calorifier drained would probably cause it to overheat or burn out, and it could cause other damage. I would recommend that the immersion heater fuse is removed or the circuit breaker switched off, with an appropriate warning label attached to it.

Robert Wood  | 9.45AM, Wednesday 19 November

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