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Axiom prop

Does anyone have an Axiom prop on their narrowboat? If so,does their narrowboat revers in a straight line as claimed by the makers of Axiom props?

Asked by: ELAINE INSOLE  | 10.04pm, Monday 29 November

Readers say:

I have an Axiom prop on my new narrowboat Mandakini. I have only used the boat for 49 hours, and as you might guess I mostly go forward, but very pleased with the prop.I reversed some considerable distance at Braunston, in a fairly crowded section, and it worked very well indeed. Of course, I have never used this boat with a conventional prop.

Gordon Lane  | 9.14PM, Thursday 2 December

Thanks for that Gordon. We have a 62ft narrowboat and although it handles very well we still have difficulty in staying straight in reverse. We know that this is a common problem with conventional props. We are very interested in investing in an Axiom prop if it will make life easier!Obviously as they are an expensive item we are wanting to hear anything about their performance prior to deciding whether to have one fitted.We will be very happy to hear how you go on with it and anyone else out there who may have one.

ELAINE INSOLE  | 12.25PM, Monday 6 December

Keep an eye on Sue and Vic's blog http://noproblem.org.uk/blog/ as they have just had an Axiom prop fitted to No Problem - it doesn't help that they are frozen in at the moment so not using it.

Graham Keens  | 5.42PM, Wednesday 8 December

Thanks Graham, yes we were very interested to see what they had to say. We will have to wait until they are on the move again.

ELAINE INSOLE  | 7.04PM, Wednesday 8 December

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