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new to narrow boats gas ?

can anybody tell me if i can use 15 mm copper for gas supply down the boat ?
1/2 inch is long out of date and to expensive and cant find it in lenghs always on a coil

Asked by: dave  | 7.33pm, Wednesday 22 December

WW says:

The pipe diameter required depends, as I am sure you know, on the load applied and the length of the piping, to avoid pressure drop and an incorrect flame picture, when all burners are lit under full load. This forms part of the standard check during the BSS.
There are specific regulations for LPG installations in boats- you can get these from the LPG installers group- for the references, see the boat safety scheme essential guide.
Ideally, you need a gas safe engineer, who is qualified for marine installations, as the standards are much higher than domestic installations.

Mark Langley  | 8.56PM, Thursday 23 December

you are best running 10 or 12mm pipe. Do not use 15mm water pipe and do not solder the pipe, use proper compression fittings.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.22PM, Friday 14 January

Readers say:

I think it should be 10mm but in saying that i think you should contact a gas fitter and asap for your own safety

mick turner  | 10.20AM, Thursday 23 December

thanks for reply mick but its x hire boat and is piped with 1/2 inch to the cooker but i have moved the galley to the stern and want to pipe the cooker up i have the gas regs book but it doesent cover boats thanks anyway

dave  | 11.06AM, Thursday 23 December

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