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Calder & Hebble Locks

When I saw Chris Clegg's email, explaining how you get a 60ft narrow boat through Calder & Hebble locks I thought, at last somebody how knows what he is talking about. Then I read the note at the bottom written by the technical team.
The lenght of 57ft is the max lenght of a wide beam craft. The locks have to be longer, so the bottom gates can be opened and closed. Chris's drawing clearly shows a boat longer than 57ft, because the bottom gates could note be closed if the boat was wide beam.
I can assure you that a 60ft narrow boat will fit into these locks and it is done exactly as Chris says and not by diagonal positioning.
72ft narrow boats have to do the same in Bishop Meadow lock on the Soar, as it will only except a 70ft wide beam craft.

Asked by: Mick Poyser  | 1.36pm, Friday 24 December

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