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G.R.P. resurfacing query

Our 22yr old G.R.P. brown/cream 23' Highbridge has acquired a surface coating of polytrol over the years which I am not strong enough to clean off, or to resurface without painting (just the brown sections). Do you please know anyone skilled to do this work please - and/or any other advice.
Many thanks.

Asked by: ros  | 2.02pm, Wednesday 5 January

WW says:

Polytrol is made by Deks Olje, it might be worth contacting them for advice. You do not say what the problem with the surface finish is, has it gone white and chalky?
Have you tried applying more Polytrol or a polish?

Rupert Smedley  | 10.14PM, Thursday 3 February

Readers say:

I have been using polytrol for years, but have ended up with a residual build up, which I am not strong enough to remove. I really need someone prepared to travel to the Midlands to do the job with mobile power tools. Do you have any recommendations please?
Many thanks.

ros  | 12.09PM, Friday 4 February

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