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Painting a Morso Squirrel

Plan to install a new Squirrel, but want a change from black. Plenty of good quality spray stove paints now available (Clearview, Stovax etc), so would like to give the stove and stovepipe a respray before use. Had any experience of tarting up a Squirrel like this? Any special preparation needed? Wil the paint stick OK? Does it last OK?

Asked by: Dave Martin  | 7.51pm, Monday 10 January

WW says:

Might be worth speaking to Morso directly about this- I am sure the best way would be having the stove professionally enamelled.
I am not convinced that new paint would stick to the underlying coating, unless it had both been abraded, and the stove already brought up to working temperature for some time, as the finishing used has to finally cure at high temperature (hence the horrible smell and sometimes smoke/fumes from a new stove first few times of lighting).
The surface is likely to need abrading, and all the doors, seals, etc removing, for a proper job. Several coats will be needed, and a matt finish is probably the best, as the slightly rough nature of the original coating would make a gloss finish more difficult to achieve.
I think consulting the manufacturer might be the best way, or start off with a black stove and consider painting in a few years! A solid fuel stove specialist would be able to give you some idea of the best approach- but a properly enameled stove would give the best finish.

Mark Langley  | 10.46AM, Tuesday 11 January

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