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Wigan Flight

We are planning to go to Skipton via Leigh Branch. We aim to be at the bottom of Wigan flight overnight for an early start. Where's the safest/best place to moor?

Asked by: Robert Bush  | 10.11am, Monday 17 January

Readers say:

I have done the Wigan flight a few times from the Leigh branch.We usually stop near the Dover Lock pub just after the A573 Bridge.There are 2 narrows where the old lock chambers were. About 100 yards on there are good towpath side moorings.We have found them safe and quiet,and there are usually other boaters moored there, the pub`s not bad either. After the Dover Lock the banks are very high due to mining subsidence. Its about 45/50 minutes cruise from Dover Lock to the 2 Poolstock locks. The pound between Poolstock and the main 21 locks is urban,surrounded by roads and railways. The other advantage is there may be fellow boaters at Dover Lock heading up the Wigan flight that you can share with to lighten the load.
Double handed, it takes us approx 4 to 5 hours to do the Wigan flight dependant on traffic and lock settings.
The `Lancaster Pool` between Wigan top lock and Johnsons Hill locks is very pleasant, and is a good relief after the stress and strain of the Wigan flight.
Enjoy your trip.

Andy Packwood  | 9.04AM, Tuesday 18 January

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