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water tank leak

We have a leak in steel tank on 1970's springer narrowboat, any suggestions to fix

Asked by: Lynne  | 1.56pm, Saturday 29 January

WW says:

Welding is the easiest option, if you can find the leak itself (and its not just condensation, or a failed water connection). Two-part fast setting expoxy putty (especially the ones that can set underwater!) might work, but you would need to check that they are compatable with drinking water. There are tubes available pre-mixed, where you just need them together to get the correct consistency, then they will stick to anything!
Otherwise, you might be able to fit a flexible "plastic" tank liner (see the classifieds in WW), if you can get into the tank.
The final option, and possibly horrendously impractical, is to cut away the asft bulkhead of the tank, and replace with a stainless tank, or a plastic one, of slightly smaller dimensions.

Mark Langley  | 10.47AM, Monday 31 January

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