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Help with fitting out a boat in cambridge

We have bought our first boat its 42ft and have not got a clue where to begin as its a shell.
We contacted a marina and it would cost mega thousands to kit out.
Has anyone any ideas of builders or workers that can help plan and design our boat please.

Asked by: susan  | 12.40am, Sunday 30 January

WW says:

Just a plea- make sure that all the work is done to match the Boat Safety Scheme... the guide available for download is important and should put you on the right path to make sure that your boat is both safe and legal- and that you don't do something now that you have to change at great expense later! Also, if and when you come to sell the boat, it will be essential!

Mark Langley  | 10.44AM, Monday 31 January

Readers say:

Buying just a shell is problematical. If you bought from a shell builder her should have rightly checked that you had the ability to fit it out.
If you bought from a private advertiser - take it back as it is not fit for the use you bought it for.
The alternative is to get Waterways World publications by Graham Booth - the Narrow Boat builders book and check online for other boatbuilding projects.
If you have friends who are carpenter/cabinet builders and an electrician and plumber - you are in business - the other alternative - if you cant give it back is to onsell it and hope you make a quid and then really really look at the Narrowboat World - if you are really keen to get on the water - talk to other narrowboat and widebeam people - it is not a cheap way of life but has been described as one of the best.

PAUL BROWNETT  | 3.01AM, Sunday 30 January

Thank you for your reply paul.
I have a carpenter coming on monday so i hope we will be making a start soon.

susan  | 6.50PM, Sunday 30 January

dont be put off or scared of fitting out,i purchased my first narrowboat 2 years ago and have carried out the fit myself,had the boat inspected for the bsc and passed with flying colours first time.this said the biggest peace of advice i would give is plan,plan and plan.Me and my wife used masking tape on the floor marking out the rooms and areas ,we read magazine after magazine to see what others were doing,look at other boats to see what can be achieved.speak to engineers ,chandelry staff take all the advice and then make a decision,i wish you every success,and eventually happy cruising

chris massey  | 8.04PM, Monday 7 February

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