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prop distance

is there any proper distance between stern tube and prop ie min or max

Asked by: bruce  | 10.58pm, Friday 11 February

WW says:

A sensible minimum distance would be one inch between the propellor boss and the stern gland- two fingers width is a good starting rough and ready measurement!
As for maximum, there isn't one that most narrowboats could meet... many yachts using the system have their props many feet behind th gland, though longer runs (over, say, 15") might be supported by a P-bracket additional bearing.

Mark Langley  | 10.23PM, Saturday 12 February

Readers say:

i would like to add the stern tube is water cooled

bruce  | 11.01PM, Friday 11 February

thank you it is probably just about one inch thanks again

bruce  | 3.47PM, Tuesday 15 February

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