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LPG supply pipe size?

Please could you advise me on the size of LPG supply pipe (low pressure side 37mbar)I require in my narrowboat to feeda free standing oven/hob on a run of approx 9 meteres.the one fitted is 10 mm but not sure if this is adequate this is the only gas appliance that will be on the boat.please advise. thank you

Asked by: Ray Fleckney  | 11.45am, Wednesday 16 February

WW says:

The amount of gas flowing through a pipe is governed by the pressure and volume of gas required. When gas is flowing there will be a pressure drop between the regulator and the appliance, which is why the pipe has to be large enough to ensure that the gas pressure at the appliance is sufficent.
For a single cooker the 10mm pipe you already have is sufficent for a normal boat appliance of around 8kW.
Incidentally you do not need an isolation valve beside the cooker if you only have one appliance, the main shut off valve is suuficent.
I advise getting a Gas Safe operative to connect and check over the installation, especially if you are at all unhappy with the operation of the appliance.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.22PM, Wednesday 16 February

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