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Page 103 May 2008 Edition

In Pretty as a picture the top right is my husband & I on our boat Blackwatch. I am racking my brain to find a Bridge 56 which has a lock behind it, can you please confirm where it is. thanks.

I am able to send a picture of Balckwatch and recent picture taken at Braunston a couple of weekends ago.

Asked by: Carole Walker  | 8.50am, Thursday 17 April
Tags: location

Readers say:

Could it be on the Macclesfield ? Bridge 56 Swindalls bridge on the Bosley locks flight ?

Chris  | 11.43AM, Thursday 17 April

Yes, it is indeed bridge 56 on the Macc. The boat is a Challenger, and the shot was taken on 15th August last year.

Michael Minifie  | 2.49PM, Sunday 20 April

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