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model narrowboat

hello everyone i am new to the waterways site i am looking to build a model narrowboat that is radio controlled i want the size to be about 4feet long being disabled this is going to be an on going hobby i would be very gratefull if anyone could put me in touch with someone who supplies plans or advice on building model narrowboats thanks very much keith

Asked by: keith blakey  | 12.08am, Sunday 13 July

WW says:

Lawrence Hogg sells plans of many types of working boat. These are the plans from which the original boats were built so you will have to decide how to translate them into models.

Lawrence can be contacted on 01912 602180 or you will find details of the plans available on www.laurencehoggproductions.co.uk/plans.htm.

You can place your order online and pay by Paypal

Graham Booth  | 2.07PM, Monday 14 July

Readers say:

graham thanks for your advice i will contact lawrence thanks keith blakey

keith blakey  | 2.40PM, Sunday 20 July

Hi Keith, I recently discovered this model boating forum, I'm sure someone on there has built one, is thinking of building one or has built one!! Its free to join and has many members from beginners to semi pro's. Good luck, Mike Evans


Michael Evans  | 9.01PM, Tuesday 23 September

Hi Keith.I make 5 and 7 foot 1/8 scale GRP model narrowboat shells for R/C.If you are interested give me a call.My number is 07929350101 or 07722408584.Regards JON

jonathan Brown  | 10.15PM, Wednesday 25 August

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