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Return pipe on Lister engine

What is the best stuff to use on diesel leakage on a return pipe.

Asked by: Lynne  | 1.41pm, Wednesday 16 February

WW says:

Which Lister engine is it?
If its on the engine itself, you should be able to get ready-made leak-off pipework from a Lister agent. Otherwise drawn copper, properly supported and protected, or steel pipework- just make sure it meets the BSS guide standards. Flexible pipework on the return to the tank is ok, but only for as short a length as needed, at the engine end.
If you are having a leak from the pipework, then remaking the joint might be your best bet- sometimes if overtightened, the pipe cracks and the only remedy is to replace it. jointing compounds are probably best avoided.

Mark Langley  | 3.09PM, Wednesday 16 February

I agree with Mark, if a joint is leaking using PTFE tape or similar is unlikely to succeed. Remaking the joint and looking for the cause of the leak is the best action. One of the BSS check points is to ensure that all fuel pipes and joints are properly supported. Vibration is the biggest cause of problem leaks. Any flexible pipe needs to be to ISO 7840, auto motive or plant diesel pipe is not suitable.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.49PM, Wednesday 16 February

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