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Route question

I'm planning a journey. I'd like to go from Nottingham to London, eventually ending up on the river Lee i east London.
I'm planning to head down the Leicester line of the Grand Union, but then I face a choice and was wondering what someone with experience of both routes would suggest.
The first option, to carry on down the Grand Union seems the most straight forward, but involves lots of locks and goes through some not very exciting places like Milton Keynes!
The other option down the Oxford canal then to London on the Thames appears to have far fewer locks and potentially prettier countryside but the dangers of a big river and risk of being stuck due to river levels. I'm planning to travel in late March and April.
Does anyone know which route is quickest? and any other advice gratefully received.

Asked by: Annwen  | 4.32pm, Thursday 17 February

WW says:

The quickest route is down the GU, the Oxford is surprisingly slow. Also the Thames can be slow, and carries the risk of being stopped by excessive water flow. However you could bypass London and go in at Limehouse which would save time. (Bow locks are closed at present)
Have you factored in the extra cost of the EA License (for three days at least). It is worth examining all the stoppage lists, as they might make the decision for you!

Rupert Smedley  | 5.34PM, Thursday 17 February

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