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Selling a self build Narrow boat

I am planning to buy a second hand boat, strip it and fit it out myself. I want to sell it straight away. I am told there are certain standards and safety issues that have to be addressed before selling the boat on. Can anyone please advise me.
Many thanks

Asked by: Ray Sutton  | 1.27pm, Sunday 20 February

WW says:

If you bought a brand new shell and fitted it out for sale, you would have to comply with the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive - Owners manual, Technical manual, certificates etc.
If you bought a second-hand boat and carried out a few improvements before selling it, you would have to follow the BW Boat Safety Scheme standards.
You are planning to do something between the two and I am not sure how the legislation would be applied. I would recommend that you contact the BW Boat Safety office and your local Trading Standards Department to enquire how they would interpret the rules.

Graham Booth  | 1.50PM, Monday 21 February

If the boat is more than 5 years old, which is likely to be the case if it needs a refit, you have to make sure that all the work you do conforms to the Boat Safety Scheme Rules.
It would help your sale of the boat if you get a new BSSC after completing the work, and it would be worth while asking the examiner to check over what you intend to do and offer advice during the re-fit. Then you will avoid having to alter things at the end!
If the boat was built before 2000, it could have gas appliances without flame failure devices. If you replace these appliances, the new items MUST have FFDs on ALL burners.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.04PM, Tuesday 1 March

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