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Engine maintance

I am planning to carry out my first engine service and have 2 questions on my thorneycroft 2 cyl engine circa 1991
1. my book says use 10w30 engine oil but i can only buy 10w40 will this make any difference
2. i am going to change the fuel filter will i have to bleed the system after fitting the new one my book says that the pump has a mechanical pump
any other advice you could give me would be well received
many thanks

Asked by: Jim Bratt  | 8.34pm, Wednesday 23 February

WW says:

As Kevin suggests, a motor factors would be a cheap place to buy oil. Generally, don't use semi or fully synthetic oils- ordinary oil is the best (as an example, Halfords "diesel engine oil" for older engines is fine).
You can probably get the filter as well from most motor factors, although a chandler might mean the model is easier to find. If you haven't changed the oil for quite some time, then consider adding a flushing oil (like Wynns's engine flush) to a hot engine and running for 10 mins, before draining the oil and the filter.
As for the fuel filter, you will probably need to bleed the fuel system afterwards, starting at the fuel filter. If you need any help with this, just ask.
One final note- ensure that the drain plug on the engine fuel filter that it is metal, and not plastic- a common BSS fail point.

Mark Langley  | 11.53PM, Wednesday 23 February

Readers say:

Hi Jim,
You can buy 10w30 motor oil from any good Motor Factors, try Euro Car Parts, Andrew Page or others listed in any Motor Vehicle Parts suppliers lists. Make sure you know what you need, fully synthetic, semi synthetic etc and you'll find it quite a bit cheaper than going to a Chandlery or High Street garage/Store.

Kevin Lockie  | 9.29PM, Wednesday 23 February

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