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12volt charger for computers

saw article last year about 12v charger for computers phones etc with adapters but cant recall which issue it was in.could you give me name of company that supplied them.thanks chris

Asked by: christopher smith  | 3.50pm, Sunday 27 February

WW says:

Christopher, You might be referring to the Mobi range, which we reviewed in 'Boats & Pieces' in the June 2010 issue (p.100).
The product here was the Mobi Power-Pack, a 12v 4000mAh battery that incorporates a handle with a socket for a standard car charger, as well as a bright 9-LED torch. More information on www.mobiwasher.co.uk

Andrew Denny  | 4.33PM, Wednesday 9 March

Readers say:

You can purchase that type of charger in a lot of places, I got my one from Maplins http://www.maplin.co.uk/120w-laptop-car-adaptor-44736

Graham Keens  | 3.40PM, Monday 28 February

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