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Oxford to London cruising

We're hoping to travel from Oxford to Teddington lock in two weeks time (march 2011). Roughly how many cruising hours should this take there and back in our narrowboat? Many thanks.

Asked by: nicki davenport  | 10.42pm, Monday 28 February

WW says:

One of the best places to try and plan this is online at Nick Atty's CanalPlan:
Assuming you are starting at Isis Lock, it would be about 35 hours- 70h there and back. However, you can alter the settings on CanalPlan to suit your own boats cruising speed, length of cruising day- it even gives you a full route output, with itinerary, mooring suggestions and sunrise/sunset times.
Best of all, its free to use.
You might want to allow extra time coming upstream, and, as with all rivers, the Thames can be subject to varying flows, which can make the upstream journey much slower. If you are working the locks out-of-hours yourself, bear in mind that they are slower to fill than when a keeper operates them.

Mark Langley  | 9.52AM, Tuesday 1 March

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