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solar powered boat

Has anyone had or going to have full solar power, does it really work, how much back up power is needed, we are going to live aboard for a couple of years plus, and an idea of cost. Thanks

Asked by: Peter Wright  | 9.15pm, Tuesday 1 March

WW says:

Full solar power is possible- we have several back articles available on this site.
If you are going to live aboard, you really need to work out how much power, including washing machines, etc you need- a full audit will give you a starting point, then you can look to what your requirements are- everyone is different!
It is possible to fully solar power a boat- but if you are using a boat for cruising, which is what boats are designed to, then the daily cruising should be able to take care of the power requirements.
The maximum power you could fit to , say, a 60ft boat would give you 2KW of power- however, you would not be able to actually get this much panel space- and efficiences decrease if mounted flat, on a warm surface (like a boat roof) and get dirty/in shade (even a small amount).
Start with an energy audit, then it is easier to get recommendations to what you need.

Mark Langley  | 10.29AM, Thursday 3 March

Readers say:

Two or three yars ago we saw a lady and her two daughters in a two boat set up on the Kennet & Avon. Both boats had lots of panels. It was a bit slow, quiet and obviously worked. Scour the system and ask her.

Bill Adam  | 7.13AM, Thursday 3 March

Thanks, I am going to the Crick show and I am going to ask ed about the Hybrid solution as well.

Peter Wright  | 8.32PM, Thursday 3 March

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