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Adding a cold water tank

I am looking to buy a narrowboat with a plan to live aboard in a year or so.....the one I am planning to purchase has a very small water tank (in the bow) of about 55 gallons!!! How easy is it to add a tank within the boat....we plan to redesign the sleeping quarters and remove some cupboards.

Asked by: sue   | 2.33pm, Wednesday 2 March

WW says:

Hi Sue
It isnt difficult to add more capacity by having a plasic or stainless steel tank or tanks made to size. If you think in terms of gallons there are six and a quarter gallons in each cubic foot of tank space.If you cant get a rigid tank into place one of the flexible bag tanks may solve your problem.
The main drawback is the weight of water affecting the trim when the tanks are full or empty.The best site for any tank is normaly across the full width of the front of the boat, so if you can fit one under the front deck the side to side trim will be unaffected. Another alternative is to fit two tanks, one on either side of the centre line and link them together to ensure that they fill and empty together. It isnt normally feasible to fit a single tank on the boats centre line. one final observation - I once spent the night on a boat which had a water tank under the single berth I was trying to sleep on, the sound of the tank contents sloshing around tended to spoil the peace and quiet!a little sound insulation would have been very welcome.
Good luck with the project.

Mike Jordan  | 3.57PM, Wednesday 2 March

I should add to Mike's comments, that most larger tanks should have baffles fitted (which also give support) and stop the water sloshing around.
Flexible tanks can be the worst for "burping" and gurgling, however, they are quite easy to fit, as long as you have the inlet running uphill, as they are prone to filling with air otherwise!

Mark Langley  | 10.24AM, Thursday 3 March

Readers say:

Thanks for your comments.

sue   | 4.16PM, Friday 11 March

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