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Llangollen canal depth

Boating to Llangollen my boat draught is quoted as 26ins at baseplate and 22ins at bow. Will I have problems on the final section?

Asked by: Chris Orr  | 6.12pm, Wednesday 2 March

WW says:

You should be fine on the last section, though beware that the sides are suddenly quite shallow! Larger boats than this can make it- the gravel shoals below the locks are futher down, which can cause sudden stops!
It will be slow going- just enjoy the view! Getting someone to walk on ahead along the towpath for some of the sections can be useful, if you can't see far ahead, as there are passing places and it is easier to let those coming downstream to head past, as they will be moving quicker. The channel is very narrow in places and the flow can be quite high.

Mark Langley  | 10.23AM, Thursday 3 March

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