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bigger bed

Has anyone made the standard doudle bed bigger, I have got some ideas on how to make, a dropdown either side of the radiator, and add a rectangle of foam matress, and then sleep across the boat, but I would love to here about other peoples inventivness, we want to live aboard for a coulple of years and we would not be able to live with a standard size bed thanks

Asked by: Peter Wright  | 12.50pm, Saturday 5 March

WW says:

I have seen several boats where the double bed pulls out across the corridor. This gives extra width at night while not impeding daytime traffic. It also means that the mattress can be pulled out from under the gunwhale making it more comfortable for the "inside person". The day and night positioning is usally manual but can be mechanised!
I would measure the inside width of the boat where the bed is because, depending on the hull shape and the lining/insulation thickness, there might not be enough length to sleep comfortably across the boat.
Good luck.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.59PM, Monday 7 March

Readers say:

If you need a new/non-standard mattress try phoning any mattress factories via yellow pages/internet, and like me, you will save a fortune!They are usually made in 2" increments.I did this at a place near Nottingham, a few miles to the west side.Its handy to know the 2" rule when you design the support....

RA  | 3.12PM, Friday 11 March

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