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Diesel Engine Servicing

How often should my diesel engine be serviced?
Once a year - or does it depend on the hours run?
If so, how many hours approx. between services?

Asked by: Mike Brown  | 11.57pm, Wednesday 9 March

WW says:

The answer is really on engine hours run- and the service interval varies between engines.
If you run the engine for less than, say 200 hours a year, a service once in the year (Autumn might be best) will probably suffice.
However, for peace of mind, and more care to the engine, a mid-season oil and filter change is a very good idea.
If you often run the engine either at tickover, or off-load for charging batteries, I would suggest more frequent oil changes- and at least once a year, use a flushing oil (added to the hot oil in an engine, then the engine run for 10mins off-load, before draining the oil and changing filter). The flushing oil will help remove sludge and offset the damage done by low-loading.
Draining and replacing the coolant every couple of years is also a good idea, as the corrosion inhibitors tend to loose effectiveness as well.
What you do with your engine depends very much on how you cruise, and the make of engine. If you let us know, we might be able to give more specific advice.

Mark Langley  | 11.00AM, Thursday 10 March

Readers say:

Thanks very much for the advice

Mike Brown  | 2.28PM, Thursday 10 March

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