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hydraulics advice

Re WW.March/2011 p.87, BJM asks re hydraulics, which I installed on our narrowboat with a self pump-out too.Would you pass on my email address to him please?My first system was a failure in spite of advice, this one is very good. gunnyandbob@hotmail.com

Asked by: RA  | 3.19pm, Friday 11 March

WW says:

I'm afraid BJM didn't leave a full name or an email address, so you'll just have to hope he reads this!
People don't have to leave their contact details if they don't wish to, of course. Our technical expects will try to reply here, and the best questions and answers will be posted in the magazine, but the sole criterion for selecting them is if the question is interesting and the answer contributes something useful.

Andrew Denny  | 3.58PM, Wednesday 6 April

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