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best engines for widebeams

hi,i would like to know what engines are considered to be the most reliable and best value for a 57-10 ft widebeam semi trad.any input would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by: rick butler  | 8.22pm, Monday 14 March

WW says:

It is very hard for anyone to give recommendations for a good engine- as reliability of an engine is very often down to how it is used and maintained by the owner. The opinions of one user are very likely to be completely contradicted by another!
An engine that is made to work hard cruising, and isn't too large- an engine running just above tickover doesn't make for a good life!
It must be said that virtually all of the new engines that are installed on boats are reliable, if treated well. If you look at a variety of boats, you will see the engines that are most commonly fitted- just avoid anything that you have not heard of being installed! A discussion with owners on forums will gain you a lot of conflicting advice, alas. However, I would say that any of the engine manufacturers that advertise in WW produce good quality engines. It then comes down to your personal choice about some of the finer details of the engines, including the ubiquitous alternator size (!), as well as twin thermostats, water cooled manifolds, running/idle speeds, cylinder numbers, gearbox options, etc!
It had also been very difficult for us to ever test different engines, as the logistics of ensuring a fair test are almost impossible!

Mark Langley  | 11.09AM, Tuesday 15 March

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