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poloma water heater

what size water pump do i need to run my poloma water heater

Asked by: graham blackhurst  | 7.13pm, Thursday 17 March

WW says:

Most water pumps designed for boats or caravans will work- a minimum flow rate of around 6 litres a minute, at least at 15psi would work.
Most boaters would use a larger pump, with an accumulator, to avoid pressure spikes (and varying temperature from the heater)

Mark Langley  | 11.29AM, Friday 18 March

If you are having pressure problems check that there are no blockages or restrictions within the pipework.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.09PM, Friday 25 March

Readers say:

You may find that if you turn the water temperature control up high, the water flow will be restricted.

Cliff Eden  | 6.24PM, Wednesday 30 March

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