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how to dispose of rubbish on the cut?

hypertheticaly if one needed to on the cut, dispose of some rubish,and then come across a bw workin barge with no up to date liecense and rubbish in it already!! Q is can i put in a bag or two?

Asked by: Mark  | 1.56am, Friday 18 March

WW says:

Firstl, BW boats don't use licences any more- it was considered cheaper just to log their index number- as BW was the issuing authority, was seemed (rightly) to be a waste of time issuing licence plates.
Technically, as it is not an authorised disposal point, you would be disposing of waste incorrectly (and illegally); however, I am sure that BW would be pragmatic and prefer it to be in there, rather than left on the bankside.
However, there should be no need to dispose of it like that- there are enough disposal points at regular cruising intervals- also, as the vessel might not be used for some time, you would then be potentially putting the workers who have to empty the boat at risk of infection. it is most likely that the bags of rubbish have come from other users, rather than BW themselves.
Would you want to come to your workplace and find someone had dumped rubbish in there? Or find your workvan had been filled with domestic refuse for a couple of weeks, leaving you to clear it up?

Mark Langley  | 11.27AM, Friday 18 March

Readers say:

Hi Mark & Mark,
Have a look at this helpful facilty on the 'No Problem' blog by Sue, it shows where you can recycle your rubbish!
Sue is a very considerate and helpful boater and I'm sure she'd appreciate updates for this facility from other boaters.
Best wishes,

Kevin Lockie  | 4.37PM, Saturday 19 March

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