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New build problem

Hi All.
I was hopping I might get some advice. I am currently having a narrow boat built. The shell was built by one company and the basic fitting out by another. The problem is that some way through the fit, it was discovered that the windows were cut in the wrong positions (all 7" out to the stern). I have been told that moving them would look unsightly. If this had been discovered before the fit out and painting had been started I would have sent the boat back, but that doesn--t seem an option now. Upon speaking to the builder (who's name I wont mention) he said that all he could do was apologise. I wondered what the readers advice would be and how I might proceed

Asked by: Antoine Grujon  | 7.59am, Friday 18 March

WW says:

I think the best advice would be to contact trading standards for their legal advice- or, if you are a member of the RYA, you mght be able to contact their legal department for further advice.
It might be that the boat is not fit for purpose as designed, but the actual consumer legistlation would require proper advice.
You are right that altering the wondow positions could be very difficult- it might be possible to recoup the cost from the shell builder, to make good any internal of external alterations required to bring the boat to the required standard.
I think getting some legal advice might be the best way forward. Sorry to to be more helpful there.

Mark Langley  | 11.33AM, Friday 18 March

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