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Want a wide beam with usual home comforts, how do I know what type of inverter / generator I need to power everything without shore power. Yours in anticipation P J B.

Asked by: Peter Bailey  | 5.13pm, Monday 21 March

WW says:

You need to write down all the electrical appliances that you propose to fit onto the boat with their rating in watts.
If you want to power everything at once, add all the figures together. next add about 10% as a contingency. The resulting figure divided by 1000 will roughly give you your requirement in kVA.
If you decide that running all the appliances at the same time needs an impractically big generator, you can then make a considered assesment of your realistic requirement.
There are generator/invertor systems that will actively manage your power demands, useing a combination of shore power/generator/invertor depending on availability and demand.
Hope this helps.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.24PM, Friday 25 March

Readers say:

Reader Thanks Rupert for your reply this will be a big help. P J B.

Peter Bailey  | 9.40AM, Saturday 26 March

As a general rule of thumb a diesel generator of 5Kw should be adequate. Inverters don't come much bigger than 3KW (enough to run a washing machine or dryer or diswasher - but not all at once)
In any event a 3Kw inverter would require a HUGE anount of current from your batteries, which then requires the engine to recharge them.
Best, IMHO, to have an engine mounted generator (Beta Marine are specialists in this area.)
If you are very greedy and want to wash, cook, dry all at the same time then perhaps a 10KW separate generator is the one to go for.

M.Newbery  | 4.38PM, Wednesday 30 March

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