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I have a bad condensation problem with newish 60ft Narrow boat I had bult which the builder wont repair it,I am now going to take legal action against the builder, does anyone know of a lawyer who has knowledge of what narrow boats are about and would then be able understand my condensation problem problem

Asked by: David Anderson  | 3.15pm, Wednesday 23 March

WW says:

could you give some more information about the condensation? It might not actually be the builders fault, depending on specification, etc.
If you give us some more information, we might be able to help you.

Mark Langley  | 4.46PM, Wednesday 23 March

Readers say:

Thanks Mark, The builder has put foil covered 25mm thick polyurethane slab insulation between all the steel ribs and stiffeners throughout the boat leaving all the steel edges exposed. When I light the wood burning stove or turn on the central heating on a cold night,the next morning water has penetrated through the wood panels on the roof and sides above the gunnels, in some places it is driping and running down the side of the wood panels, and now I am getting some black marks showing. I have plenty of photographgs if you wanted me to send you one or two

David Anderson  | 6.57PM, Wednesday 23 March

all insulation should be fitted tightly to the wooden batons and not showing any bare steel this causes condensation your black marks could be coming from your inside of the boat because your hull as not been primed at the start of build you can reduce your condensation by using a dehumidifier or leaving the odd window open

anthony bird  | 10.00PM, Thursday 5 May

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