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Spec for electrical system for liveabord and cruiser

I seek a an outline spec for the electrical systems of a liveabord and cruising boat that I wish to use on both some UK waterways and most continental. I wish not to be dependent on shore hook-ups for electricity supply but have the option of using 230 volt appliances and charge battereis from the boats own resources. I anticipate making light demands for electical supply both whiloe crusing and staying put.
I had initially expected to run a generator alongside the boats engine (saildrive?) but read of inbord engines that can function as generators and suppliers of hot water.At the same time I read that running diesel motors (my preference) for more than 5 minutes without load shortens engine life. Can you advise of a budget power source/set-up that will offer solution to this broad spectrum of demands.Ps thanks for the Q & A on your site -any chance of installing a search facility so for example all the electric issues can be found?

Asked by: Graham Davidson  | 5.16pm, Sunday 27 March

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