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Chinese narrowboats

Can you please advise if there are any inherent problems with Chinese built narrowboats as we are thinking of buying a new one.
Many thanks

Asked by: Christine Etherington  | 4.58pm, Wednesday 30 March

WW says:

We have reviewed several chinese built boats in WW- Graham reviewed some in Feb 2007 and we covered the East-West boats (available from Whilton) in August 2009 (The Upmarket Budget Boat).
We did notice at the time some non-standard fit out practices, as well as very thin, spray painted external finishes (which seem to dull and chip very quickly, having seen boats a few years old).
We did also comment that the boat was very square and bluff. If you are buying new, there are other boats that might be worth looking at, that WW has covered in the recent past (such as the Calcutt Clipper, Wedgwood Owl or Dursely and Hurst boats) for a comparison on similar priced vessels.
However, it is the buyer that is right, ultimately! if you are happy with what you are buying, and that it passes a survey (or, in the case of a new vessel, I would suggest getting an independant boat safety examination done, as there is sometimes variance with the RCD regulations which new boats are built to). This can save a potentially pricey shock when the first BSS is due in 4 years, with some boats!
You should certainly have a full out-of-water sruvey on a secondhand craft- and might consider this useful on a new boat (and combine it with the BSS at the same time).
Hope that is some help!

Mark Langley  | 3.37PM, Thursday 31 March

Readers say:

In our experience having had two boats built and the same for my brother if you can walk into a boat builders yard at any time to view and talk about your build you can't go wrong and also if there are issues after to put right you know who they are.

mick turner  | 9.20AM, Saturday 2 April

Chinese built boats are some of the best you can get from quality of steel 12mm to fit out so don't be put off,look at it like buying a car do you buy a uk car for its reliability you buy a mercedes

allan  | 1.37PM, Sunday 21 October

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