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Whale pump adjustment?

Just bought an ex-Alvechurch hireboat. The domestic water pump is a Whale. It hammers for 20 seconds when tap is turned off. Can't find an adjustment screw anywhere - any ideas? I have checked the accumulator and it's fine. (previously have used Shurflo's and Flojets, so am a bit surprised that I can't find an adjustment on the Whale).

Asked by: Cliff Eden  | 6.16pm, Wednesday 30 March

WW says:

Not sure about adjusting the pressure setting of a Whale pump- it really depends on the type.
Might be worth an email to the manufacturers, Munster Simms: www.whalepumps.com
Many Whale pumps are designed for external switches (microswitches).
Have you checked the pressure of the accumulator?
Alternatively, try giving a call or email to ABC Leisure (or call the Alvechurch yard)- they might be able to help- if it was an original fit.
Sorry about not being able to help!

Mark Langley  | 3.29PM, Thursday 31 March

Readers say:

if your water pump starts up on its own whilst all the taps are turned off you may have a leak

anthony bird  | 9.42PM, Thursday 5 May

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