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hi where can i buy a good set of waterways maps that show good pubs to visit and places of interest etc thanks.

Asked by: andy wakler  | 11.19pm, Wednesday 6 April

WW says:

For paper maps, the "big three" are Nicholsons Guides, Pearsons Canal Companions, and the GeoProjects sheet maps (and Heron Maps which are of a very similar style). Each has their own style and their own fans. You can buy them from most canal bookshops or online at www.iwashop.com .
For online maps, as Mick says, you could consider Eureauweb.
Also don't forget that every month Waterways World includes a pull-out cruising guide with detailed waterway maps.

Richard Fairhurst  | 1.14PM, Thursday 7 April

Readers say:

go to www.eureaweb.com or call mike kelly on 01788 891421 and ask about there canal plan for your pc it has all you need and poss more

mick turner  | 8.47AM, Thursday 7 April

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