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Is there a suitable replacement for the recessed 8w fluorescent lights on my boat which do not give out much light without the need to replace the ceiling to cover up the cut-outs?

Asked by: Roger Beswick  | 3.20pm, Thursday 7 April

WW says:

A quick one would be to replace your 8W recessed fluorescent, with a unit that takes three 8W tubes. Ensure that the unit has a good reflector as well.
Also, the colour temperature (cool white, warm white, etc) can determine the level of brightness.
There are LED tubes which would fit the diffuser (though you would have to remove the electronic ballast component) and give a good light- plus recessed LED light units are available, to fit the space.
Although not that modern, fluorescent tubes are quite efficient- changing the tubes can have a big effect on brightness, as can replacing the diffuser.
You might also want to check the wiring- if it is in contact with polystyrene insulation, it might have started to decay, increasing the voltage drop- these units can be sensitive to lower voltages.
Labcraft still make a wide variety of tubes, and most chandleries (and caravan shops) stock a wide range, plus the LED replacement tubes as well- also look at www.leisurepower.co.uk for a good range of fittings.

Mark Langley  | 4.45PM, Thursday 7 April

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