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Pigeon box design

I have an opening pigeon box. I need to maintain the opening facility for ventilation (cabin now used as bedroom). Two problems I'd appreciate advice on:

How do I stop condensation dripping onto bed on cool night?

How do I block out the light from the small prtholes (especially during short summer nights) but still maintain ventilation?

Some form of blind might cure both. Any ideas?

Asked by: Dave Martin  | 1.14pm, Thursday 17 July

Readers say:

How about making a vinyl covered 'bung' (cushion), simialr to those for a porthole - if you make it slightly larger than the space it should hold itself in place. Also if you use quite firm foam padding, that should help. Can't guarantee that it will work - maybe try to use an old pillow first.

Pip Haynes  | 1.27PM, Tuesday 29 July

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