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New regulations regarding solid fuel stoves

I've just read your article regarding the new British Standard for the instalation of solid fuel stoves in small craft. Is this to be applied retrospectively or only for new istallations? I ask because the BSS Certificate is due for renewal on my narrowboat shortly and I know my stove does not comply!
David Stebbens

Asked by: David Stebbens  | 4.56pm, Tuesday 12 April

WW says:

Currently its a code of practice for new installations , and wont be applied retrospectively, for some time. The ideas are commonsense and should help reduce accidents- the BSS will be updated at some point in the future, to take into account changes in practice across a range of areas.
So, just ensure the stove is secured down, shows no sign of heat damage to the surroundings, is well-sealed so not to let fumes out, and the normal BSS practice will still apply for some time.
However, if you make substantial changes to an installation, then you should adopt the code of practice, to reflect best practice.

Mark Langley  | 7.00PM, Tuesday 12 April

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