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Engine Hours

Looking at a 2004 NB. Nanni engine has 4650 hours on it. Is this excessive? Should I be thinking of a new engine? Many thanks.

Asked by: Anthony Burnell  | 3.24pm, Saturday 23 April

WW says:

Hello Anthony
With this number of hours in approx seven years of use, its reasonable to assume that you are looking at a former hire boat or one that has been in group ownership. The existing condition and future life expectancy of the engine hinges on the type of use and the frequency and quality of the servicing undertaken by the previous owners. Hire boats in most fleets work hard but are well looked after, breakdowns can rapidly destroy the reputation of the operator. There is no reason why an engine with this number of hours of use should be ready for early replacement unless its been abused in some way.For example if the engine has spent long periods running without load while generating power it could be in a very poor state.
As a rough guide to condition, the engine should start easily from cold, run smoothly without excess noise, and produce no visible exhaust smoke after a few seconds of running. There should be no evidence of oil in the cooling water or water in the sump oil, leaks of any kind from the engine or gearbox should be easy to spot after a half hour test run. If you have the expertise to do it safely, removing the oil filler cap from a running engine will show up a worn engine, it will roar like a lion!
A pre purchase survey is an absolute must for any boat, your surveyor will be able to use his own expertise and experience or call on the services of a mechanic to assess the engine.
Best of luck with the project.
Mike Jordan

Mike Jordan  | 7.27PM, Saturday 23 April

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