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The difference between round and square sterns?

Please could you tell me what difference having a square stern makes on a widebeam, compared with the traditional round stern?
Does it make the boat more difficult to handle?

Asked by: Steph Swainston  | 9.55am, Monday 25 April

WW says:

Generally, a square stern will make more wash, unless the counter is well designed, and has lifting edges. They do tend to be harder to steer, as the flow of water to the rudder can be quite turbulent.
If you do have a square stern, then making sure the underwater profile is smooth, and that the parts in contact with the water are rounded, will help. There is not much to be gained by having a square stern over a round or ellipsoid one, in terms of space gained- however, some designers have made ones that work well. Have a look in our barge book, for more ideas.

Mark Langley  | 5.17PM, Wednesday 27 April

Readers say:

Mark - thanks! That's a great help, I'll look in the barge book too.

Steph Swainston  | 7.19PM, Wednesday 27 April

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