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boat history

is there a webisite where i can trace my boats history by its BW reg number?

Asked by: arnie  | 9.11am, Thursday 5 May

WW says:

Alas, there is no specific website for this- though there are some which look at list of boats.
The index number is not always a true reflection of the age of a boat- though there is a list in the Inland Boat owners book, as a starting point.
Boats that leave BW navigations (such as moving onto the Bridgewater Canal, or EA Navigations) and then return are often given a new number- the same for boats that have been out of the water for a while.
It is often better to trace the history through sale receipts, mooring agreements and the original boatbuilder, if applicable. The only thing a BW index number might give you is the approximate date of first (re) registration.

Mark Langley  | 10.49AM, Thursday 12 May

Jim Shead's site useful, but alas (due to limitations of the data- see above!) only gives a snapshot. For instance despite having the same number all the way since build, two of the owners are not listed (and one of the previous names) of my own boat- and the build date not listed, or even first registration.
Just be aware of the constraints.

Mark Langley  | 11.28PM, Thursday 12 May

Readers say:

Try Jim Shead's very useful site:

Colin Wilks  | 11.33AM, Thursday 12 May

thanks guys i shall delve further lol

arnie  | 2.04PM, Thursday 12 May

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