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Rules governing private mooring

I am new to narrow boats, but I plan to retire soon and would like to live aboard one. Ideally I would like to buy a plot of canalside land where I could site my garage, workshop, caraven, etc. with mooring alongside. What are the restrictions? What permissions would need to be sought?

Asked by: Jim Shipp  | 3.54pm, Friday 18 July

WW says:

It depends a lot on the piece of land you have in mind and where it is. In the past, if the bank belongs to you but the boat is in BW water, you would need BW's approval and would probably pay half the mooring charge for a similar mooring in the same area. However, this situation is complicated by BW's recent decision to seek bids for new moorings. A call to your local BW office should clarify this.

Then, depending on the present use of the land and what you intend to do on it, you may also have to apply to the local authority for planning permission.

Graham Booth  | 5.29PM, Friday 18 July

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