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alternator problems

what is the best replacement alternater
model to replace an old lucus unit which is running with a 4tr alternater
controller fitted to a 1.5 bmc diesel engine charging a 110ah battery

Asked by: derek dunlavey  | 3.35pm, Monday 9 May

WW says:

Apologies about the late response to this question- it slipped through the net!
Over the years, many different alternators were fitted to BMC1.5's, depending on who marinised it, so, although I cannot give a specific response, you shuold be able to easily fit most similar sized units.
For the best advice, contact Calcutt Boats (www.calcuttboats.com) as they specialise in all things BL (and still sell reconditioned 1.8's and 1.5's). They will probably know an exact replacement for you.

Mark Langley  | 12.15PM, Tuesday 24 May

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