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Advice on seeking rollers and runners for Dartline Frobisher sliding roof?

Hi we have a Dartline Frobisher with a sliding roof? However, we need to replace the rollers and runners which are in poor condition due to age. Please does any one have any suggestions, we are really struggling to find replacements.
Thanks in advance

Asked by: Tracey Russell  | 12.43pm, Tuesday 10 May

WW says:

It might be worth contacting Anglo-Welsh at Norbury, to see if they have any left over- or immediate suggestions, as they were still running Frobishers in their hire fleet until fairly recently.
Another one would be to contact one or two of the hire boat yards on the Broads or Thames (for instance, Broads Tours [Herbert Woods] at Potter Heigham). They have many boats with sliding canopies, and can probably suggest (or even provide) suitable replacements.
The alternative, might be to replace the rollers, with a bearing rack, although this might be less reliable than a simple roller, though would make it much easier to open.
Jannel Cruisers in Burton upon Trent might have some suggestions- until their hire fleet was retired, they ran many boats with a sliding roof section over the saloon, using rollers (the original fleet included some GRP topped Frobishers- later included to the steel roofed Jannel boats).

Mark Langley  | 10.26AM, Wednesday 11 May

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