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Seeking burnt out narrow boat

Can anyone recommend where to go and how to go about buying a burnt out narrow boat? I am looking for one that is 45ft plus,I am based in in the North West.
Thank you.

Asked by: Lolljee  | 3.14pm, Thursday 12 May

WW says:

British Waterways will sometimes repossess such boats under its 'Section 8' powers. In general, if the boat is worth under £1,000, it'll be destroyed; if it's worth over £1,000, it'll be auctioned off. BW's auction policies vary and you should call your local office (Wigan) in the first instance, but often the craft are auctioned through GoIndustry DoveBid at http://www.go-dove.com/ .
You might also find it worthwhile to phone local boat brokers on the off-chance that they have, or know of, any such craft.

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.54AM, Tuesday 17 May

Readers say:

i called british waterways at wigan and they put me onto a company that auctions off repossed boats and i seem to recall they had a couple fitting your needs on their site but i've lost the details. try giving them a call at wigan.

arnie  | 1.34PM, Friday 13 May

Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.

Lolljee  | 7.27PM, Sunday 29 May

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