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LPG Fires for narrowboats?

Can you advise me if there is a lpg fire suitable for a narrowboat and if there is what are the regualations?
Could you for example use one that is suitable for a caravan? Ideally one that has a glass front, flueless and hangs beneath the gunwale.
(not much to ask)!!!
I would love to have a solid fuel stove, but due to the layout of the boat and the new regulations the only
place it would be suitable is at the front next to the steps, which I am sure there is not enough space to
meet the new requirements.

Asked by: sheila gentle  | 2.54pm, Friday 13 May

WW says:

There are very few lpg fires that can be used on a boat. Catalytic heaters are all but not allowed- and certainly, flueless gas heaters are definately not allowed- and would massively increase condensation in any case- the ventilation requirements for an unflued appliance is much greater than a flue appliance.
They are also not very popular in the secondhand market as well- people see them as "dangerous". Some enclosed gas caravan style heaters might be suitable, but if they are not type-approved for marine use, then they cannot be installed on inland craft and meet the boat safety regulations.
It is possible to fit a solid fuel stove into a smaller place- if you fit a model that has in built heatshields (which are thin metal sheets surrounding three sides of the stove, with a gap between the stove and the shield, so by convection, the surface temperature is reduced). combined with a double-walled flue, and raised upstand to the hearth, you could fit them in.
A diesel stove (such as a Taylors or Reflex) could be fitted- or a diesel conversion (such as by Lockgate)of a solid fuel stove (they do one of the popular Morso Squirrel, amongst others), which then doesn't require the same heat protection as a solid fuel stove. However, they are very controllable, though sometimes require a longer flue than a standard solid fuel stove.
Hope that helps!

Mark Langley  | 5.54PM, Friday 13 May

Readers say:

Thankyou, thats very informative

sheila gentle  | 9.29PM, Friday 13 May

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