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Gearbox ratio.

I have a Lister SL2 series engine which I will be putting in a 70ft narrow boat, what ratio box should I have & would you advise going for a modern one?

Asked by: Trevor James Lewinton  | 6.23pm, Tuesday 24 May

WW says:

The Lister SL2 develops just under 10hp at 2,000rpm, if memory serves me right- I do wonder if this might be a little underpowered for a 70ft boat, particularly on rivers?
For the best advice, I would strongly suggest speaking to Peter Thompson, at Marine Engine Services, Uxbridge www.marineengine.co.uk/ as they are probably the specialist on Lister engines, and are a mine of good advice.
They would be able to suggest gearbox ratios, though, of course, this depends on the size (diameter, pitch and blade area) of the prop that you intend fitting.
Sorry not to be more specific.

Mark Langley  | 10.58AM, Friday 27 May

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