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jcb engines

thinking of putting a jcb 85 hp into a 60 by 12 widebeam, has any body got any reviews on engines yet. cheers gary

Asked by: gary dures  | 3.45pm, Sunday 29 May

WW says:

Hi Gary,
As you can imagine, doing systematic reviews of engines can be difficult.
However, I have been on a couple of boats in the last year that have had the JCB engine in. The engine seemed very well engineered, and fairly quiet. It was also gutsy- the exhaust note was good (interspersed with a wet exhaust from a fresh-water cooling engine- so much more practical on a hard-working widebeam, than keel cooling, in my opinion for many reasons)
You don't mention the type of widebeam you are having (a "wide narrowboat" or more dutch barge style) but 85 hp should be easily enough, even for tidal waters. The wide narrowboat would tend to need more power than a more shapely dutch style boat.
There might be some owners out there who wish to respond, but it certainly seems to be a good engine, if a little taller than some other units it seems.

Mark Langley  | 2.33PM, Tuesday 31 May

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