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Searching for refurbishment project boat in desperate need of TLC

My partner and I are looking for an insurance claim, burnt out or repossessed narrowboat particularly one that is low in price and needs some TLC, ideally a cruiser stern narrow boat for refurbishment project. We are open to potential projects that come in from 45ft plus.
We actually welcome internal and external work, this is not a problem, in fact we really want to do our own work on it. We would prefer to not be paying for a decent interior as we will be ripping this part out and changing it. A few more preferable details between 45 and 57ft if possible, all steel, cruiser stern, working engine (again preferable) preferably water tight, if not, do you have welding facilities on sight if the hull needs fixing?
Our budget is limited, we would prefer not to incur a debt and the refurbishment project allows us to complete the boat as money comes in and a lower price allows us to buy it out right.
Thank you

Asked by: Lolljee  | 9.57pm, Sunday 29 May

WW says:

This is quite a difficult one to address- you might be worth contacting BW and seeing if they have any section 8 boats that they are getting rid of (sometimes these are auctioned off, rather than sold directly). You might also consider the Environment agency as well.
How low a price are you looking at? Many craft at the very lowest end might be getting to the stage of overplating, or need severe engine work.
However, be very very careful about what you buy- older boats will require a hull survey and if they have been severely damaged, the cost of putting this right for insurance might well outdo the costs saved.
Remember, that as soon as the boat is in the water, it will need insurance in order to be licenced- and many insurers will require sight of a hull survey- especially if the boat is on their register as having been sectioned, damaged or burnt out!
Also, consider all the work that you will need to do, must adhere to the Boat Safety Scheme, though I am sure you are already fully familiar with these regulations.
Also, think if you really need to stop at 57ft? 60ft might be available, and is almost go-anywhere- and how often would you need to cruise, say, the C&H or Hudds Broad (both doable in a 60ft boat with experience!). Forget the L&L and you could easily go up to 70ft....

Mark Langley  | 2.43PM, Tuesday 31 May

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