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Looking for courses to navigate/care of canal barge

My friend and I want to learn how to navigate a canal barge and look after the barge because we want to be confident in renting a barge for some hols. We live in nw London (NW3 postcode). Can anyone help by advising what the best courses are and where to go to do this.
Many thanks

Asked by: julia wisniewska-kennedy  | 2.11pm, Monday 30 May

WW says:

If you mean renting a narrowboat, rather than a barge- all hire companies will give you sufficient training to handle the boat- in fact, most won't let you loose until you are fairly confident.
A few hire companies also offer a day or two training. it might be worth taking the Helmsman certificate from the RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Look under the courses at www.rya.org.uk/
There are a couple of training organisations offering this training on narrowboats- as well as a few on barges, though presumably you won't be hiring one of these as a first timer.
If you enter your postcode into the course search, and select inland waterways helmsman certificate into the search engine, you will find providers.
A better one would be to buy a copy of Waterways World and look at the classified adverts in the back- the good training providers all advertise here.
Most importantly, go slowly, think first, and enjoy it! Oh, and don't drink and drive!

Mark Langley  | 2.37PM, Tuesday 31 May

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